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We believe that the only way to counter hateful and dangerous narratives is by resourcing movements to expand narrative power and propel alternative, inclusive narratives that tap into shared values and shift perspectives. Just as the night sky has always provided a source of imagination, of possibility, and of direction, it is here we look to dream up new ideas to appeal to the best in our human nature, to win hearts as well as minds.

Fundamentally, this requires strengthening and building out the infrastructure of already engaged in narrative efforts and those just beginning their journey, connecting allied movements for more impact, and crafting new approaches that are designed to reach, resonate with, and activate key audiences. Taking a cross-movement and cross-sector approach, we understand this ‘narrative infrastructure’ as a sort of gravitational pull, drawing everything together. We achieve more together than we can alone, and we understand that our struggles are intertwined.

Activists working on progressive rights-based change are not only organisers and advocates, but also artists, creatives, journalists, strategic communications experts, digital disruptors, researchers, filmmakers, and social media influencers. We work with all these relevant actors to provide opportunities to share knowledge and pool expertise, to unite around common goals, and to co-create approaches to drive social change and build narrative power. Through collective strategizing and cross-movement learning, we will build more effective approaches to shift public opinion, pass rights-based policy, and to promote an expansive, inclusive, and just vision for our world.

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