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Human rights and democracies are under siege. Well-resourced disinformation campaigns from anti-rights groups are using narratives of hate and divisiveness to undermine our rights, question our existence, and limit our bodily autonomy.

For decades, anti-rights and exclusionary groups have attacked gender justice and LGBTQI+ movements as a tactic to consolidate their economic and political power. They do this by tapping into fear, creating moral panics, and propelling harmful and false narratives with the aim of shaping public perceptions, influencing policy, and dismantling human rights protections.

After decades of sustained funding, these groups are increasingly seeing the fruits of their labor flourish. If we want to counter their efforts, we must dramatically scale up our funding, while also innovating, taking risks, and creating alignment across movements. It is time to do things differently. A time for renewed focus, increased solidarity, and inventive approaches.

This global context of both rising extremism and the urgent needs of grassroots movements call us to build and strengthen broad alliances. We must collaborate across sectors, borders, and institutions, and ensure that movement infrastructure is adequately and sustainably funded. This is what is required in order to create a gravitational shift in attitudes, beliefs, and actions so that we can protect most-impacted communities, maintain our hard-won freedoms, and advance an expansive, inclusive, and just vision for our world.

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